histofile is a small tool to aid in the management of NEWS files for a project.

The intention is that each time you commit or merge a change that warrants an entry in your NEWS file you also add a new histofile data file. When it is time to cut a new release you tell histofile, and it updates your NEWS file from your pre-existing entries.

This should save an enormous amount of time, as it reduces the need to scan through the commit log then manually create a NEWS file.

The data files are stored as plaintext in your chosen directory with one file per entry, which means unlike a developer updated NEWS file in your repository histofile should work easily across merges [1].

It is written in moonscript, and requires v0.3.0 or later. histofile is released under the GPL v3.

Git repository:https://github.com/JNRowe/histofile/
Issue tracker:https://github.com/JNRowe/histofile/issues/

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[1]git, and some other VCSes, do support per-file merge tools that can make a simple edited file approach work. Using that may be the best option for you!